About us and our electrical estimating team

Our number one electrical estimator We have been in the electrical industry for over 40 years as owners, managers, senior contract managers and as directors in large PLC companies and M&E consultancies - so we are confident that we can help you to grow you business. we all have electrical  estimating background you need. The growth of small companies can often be restricted to the ability of the owner or manager, but we believe that any limiting constraints can be overcome with the right support.

Our electrical tendering service can help you win more business

. We can provide you with the support you need to enable that growth, but at a fraction of the cost of employing an experienced manager. What’s more, any work we undertake for you will be under your own company badge, so as far as your clients are concerned - we are part of your team. Using our services can release your valuable time, and make a huge difference to your company, your clients and your long-term business growth. Remember call 01928 500278 to speak to our electrical estimating team.

Client Testimonials:

We appreciate your consistent quick response when we call. You are an integral part of our team here at Consolux, helping us with our growth and delivering projects. Thanks.
David G Connell, Consolux M&E Consulting Ltd
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