Electrical Estimating Service

electrical estimating

How we operate.

We usually get a call to discuss the electrical tendering requiring our:

Electrical Estimating

Sometimes we have a two weeks lead in time, whilst at other times we might get as little as two days notice. But whatever the reason, you will always pay the same price. We do not charge extra for premium time or short notice. Upon receiving your electrical estimating documentation, we will review it and let you know if there are any project conditions you should know about, such as large damages. Or again, if we find out there are ten other  contractors in for the electrical tendering we will let you know because we don’t want to waste your money. We will also ask you what labour rate you wish us to add, or we can base your electrical tendering on cost rate and you can add your own profit margins. We manually take off the drawings and obtain specialist quotations, and if we need to speak to the consultant we will always ask your permission first and will introduce ourselves as being from your company regarding electrical estimating. Once we have the take offs, we send the material list to your wholesaler for pricing, and forward the electrical tender back to you together with a list on tender notes - usually within 24 hour of the return tender date. Remember we provide a host of information and services free

What we provide you with..

  • Tender completed in your clients format
  • Full cost breakdown of labour and materials
  • List of preliminary items, plant, welfare supervision
  • Tender documentation and working notes
  • Full schedule of rates
  • Very competitive tender costs
  • Commercial intelligence on your projects
  • Site surveys (if required)
  • Management and consultant advice
  • Project cash flow if required
  • Electrical estimating when you need it
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