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electrical estimating

Are you a good estimator or a good site person ?

The best approach to electrical estimating is to ensure you know your net costs.

What we mean by this is when you win the project, just what is the cash amount of the cheque YOU will write to cover all the expenses for you to carry out the complete job. This is the number one rule of electrical estimating

So now you know how much the job will cost to complete, then anything on top of this figure is your profit. Knowing your net costs ( the cheque you write) also helps if your customer wants to negotiates the price.

By knowing your costs from your accurate electrical estimating, then you will immediately know how much you can negotiate with your customer.

Here is another light bulb moment you haven’t thought of yet ! Your net costs, are also the net costs of your competitors ! Think about it..

So you can find out easily your competitors  tender price!!  priceless…

If you send in an email we will forward a tender log which will trace your competitor prices over projects and soon you will be able to discover the optimum price you can put in for a job.

Tendering is an art. Poor estimating is just a waste of time and money, and can ultimately lead to loss of jobs or your business if you can not get it right.

If your specialty is estimating then great, all this is old hat to you…

But if your specialty is managing your staff and operatives or on site electrical installation work  then you should at least consider specialist estimating advice.

yourbigwig media site, wrote the following articles regarding the best estimating techniques:

The Manual electrical estimating process: The manual or by hand estimating process depends on the estimators knowledge of electrical installations. This knowledge can never be replaced by a machine or software process. Today’s estimators need to master the merging of both the manual and software methods of estimating an electrical project in order to get accurate estimating costs.

The outsourced approached: If you are a small or busy electrical contractor and would like to outsource your initial projects, look for a freelance electrical estimator in your area. A major benefit of using a freelancer reduces the burden of having an in house estimator, overhead expenses for computer, software and office space.
With becompany, you get both, a freelance electrical estimator, using manual knowledge to produce your tenders we provide you with your net costs, in a detailed report which is formatted just like the tender form from your customer.

So now is the time to start winning more orders with accurate electrical estimating. Call us now for a no obligation chat on 01928 500278.