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Case Study – Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust Foundation

Case Study – Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust Foundation

New MRI unit and Consultants offices

Project details: Complete electrical installation consisting of Essential and Non Essential services, including specialist services back up generation systems
Contact Value: Not disclosed
Date: 2013
Client: Local Authority Hampshire


Our client commissioned us to produce a bon- I –fide tender submission for the above project with a brief to secure a place at the pre selection meeting.

The Challenge

Issued with a concept design only, the project involved, 1st stage and 2nd stage tendering process. The 2nd stage was to reduce the six tendering contractors to the final 3.

The Solution

After reviewing the documents and a “take off process” we set about developing our TQ’s and forming a relationship with the concept design team. Our technique is to gain valuable commercial information and communicate our client as a quality choice to undertake the project.

Our 1st stage submission was supported by a detailed inclusion list with cost breakdown, we did not use any budget figures

Once through to the 2nd stage tendering process which contained changes to the project we set about finding out exactly what was the client’s needs. This process uncovered non-technical pain points which the client wish to avoid at all costs.

We simply highlighted our solutions to these pain points in our final submission, and focused on them at the selection meeting resulting in the order for the electrical package.

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